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Remembering His Love

Posted on May 5, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Remembering His Love

Some of the most humbling and emotional lessons I have learned, have come from being a parent. I am reminded of the love God has for His children when my son and I disagree on something and he talks back or has a breakdown (which rarely happens, as he is a good, respectful boy). We had one such episode a few months ago.


My son was a bit stressed with homework and had a bit of an attitude for a while. He even rolled his eyes and talked back a bit. That's not tolerated and he knows it. He proceeded to say his name had changed, even, and that my sister was his mother. Now, I know how much my son loves me. He adores me. He proposes to me every now and then and assures me we'll be married one day.


His words are not pleasant to hear, but I know he loves me and is just going through a rough day, letting his feelings get the best of him for the moment.


When we got home from grandma's house, on the walk up to the apartment where we lived, he held my hand tightly. I didn't shake it off and say, "No, I'm not your mom anymore, remember what you said?" No, I held his hand just as tightly and told him I love him. No matter what my son does or says, though there will be consequences, I will never make him feel unloved or rejected when he comes to me.


What a beautiful fresh epiphany of God's love for us. That short walk from the car to my apartment was a powerful reminder of the mercy and love of God for us.


How quickly we embrace our frustrations, instead of His grace.


How soon we forget He loves us, despite our rebellion.


How easily we condemn ourselves, instead of confessing and receiving forgiveness.


How sadly we hold back from taking His hand, being refilled with His love and mercy.




How beautiful, the Savior that has made a way to the Father.


How merciful, the Father whose loving arms are always open when we are willing to come.


How amazingly true that though we face consequences for our choices or lack of faith, He won't condemn us when we come in true repentance. He simply bids us, "Come."


I imagined myself, queen of emotional wrecks, walking with the Father (after having thrown my emotional, spiritual fit), grabbing hold of His hand; tightly squeezing as if almost inaudibly saying, "Lord, you know I love you; please don't let go."

Now, if I love my son and would never turn him away or reject his hand reaching out for mine, how much more does the Father, who Himself is love, accept and forgive us?


I don't know about you, but when I think of our Heavenly Father, I often see myself as a kid, almost wanting to become one. I see myself wanting to simply run into His open arms, fall to my face in worship, and sit at His feet to listen. I don't know if I'll ever run into His arms, since all I'll want to do, surely, is worship Him, but He's God, so even if I did, I know He'll be able to hold me, even though I'm pleasantly plump, ha ha! (A bit of humor between the tears)


Whenever I get a fresh view of God's love for me, it moves me to tears. It's humbling. It's beautiful. We cannot take it lightly or take it for granted.


Let's live for Him and serve Him well.


"For His unfailing love toward those who fear Him is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth." -Psalm 103:11






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