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Article Archive

Article Archive

When You Want to Run, Kneel

Posted on 21 July, 2014 at 11:20

We tread, moving forward, though at times, we don't know how. "Does anyone even care?" we wonder. "Do I even care?"


While the reality of our issues are valid reasons to feel helpless as our world crumbles, the need to set up camp there is not.


It is not an easy issue for me to talk about; It never has been. I've had my share of battles. Emotional wellness is essential in our daily walk with God and our families. The good thing about our walk with God is that even in our emotional struggles, God is able and willing to carry us through. With our families, co-workers, and friends, though, it can be more challenging. We may try to hide in our schedules, functioning as normal. But inside, we cry; we scream; we are annoyed; we want to run. Far away. Solitude makes a beautiful symphony, but we can barely get two minutes of it, it seems. "Lord, where are you?" we wonder. And He's there. We hope for what we already have. Rather strange of us, I think.


Which do you perceive to be the toughest trial in your life? Are you going through it now? Hold fast. Are you tired and overwhelmed? Lonely as we may feel, we are most definitely not alone. Yet, sometimes others aren't enough. We still want to run. Out of who-knows-where we find just a bit more strength to function in our day, only to retire to our bedrooms at night and fall apart to weep, or maybe not. I know there have been times when I'm so overwhelmed, and yet, I am numb and cannot cry. How can this be?


The solution doesn't depend on knowing what to do because we do know. It is a matter of doing it. It is not a sign of weakness to surrender, if it is to the One who holds this world together. It is a sign of humility and faith. I find that when I raise my hands and worship in true adoration, I find peace and that strength that for so long eluded me.


I must be insane, then. Albert Einstein said the meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Sadly, this is what I have done. This is what many of us have done. We, being more than conquerors though Christ Jesus, our Lord, choose to set up camp in our trials, instead of taking God's extended hand to walk through. This is what I've learned:


When you want to run or can no longer stand, kneel. Pray. Worship. Repent. Surrender.

He won't turn away a broken spirit.




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