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Through the Valley

Posted on July 7, 2014 at 9:45 AM

Through the Valley

As much as we know the Truth that sets us free, it is normal for us to give in to a moment of grief, frustration, or any sort of pain. Yes, we are still human. We don't mean to stay there, most of the time. It just takes a little longer to shake it off because in our weakness, we think of nothing but our situation, instead of our answer. Sometimes there seems to be no answer; not one that satisfies at the time.


In any situation, Jesus reigns. We believe that. This valley moment, wide, deep, and long as it may seem, still doesn't compare to God's grace, His goodness, or wisdom in allowing us to go through it. I know that doesn't always bring us comfort when we feel as if we've come to the end of ourselves. Don't allow yourself to feel as if you've failed Him. We've all failed; that's exactly why we need our Savior, remember?


I believe - and I speak from experience - that in those moments of despair we are allowed to cut ourselves some slack. Not in an attempt to excuse our unbelief, but simply to rest in Him. As you are passing through the valley, consider King David and his psalms. In a single psalm and prayer he was able to go from despair, asking God when He would answer him, to praising Him for His awesomeness, glory, and mercy! No, he wasn't bipolar; the situation hadn't changed, but King David knew so well the One that reigns from everlasting to everlasting!


I must admit there have been times when I am so overwhelmed and cannot bring myself to pray or worship. Yet, I manage to say, "Lord, I love you. Please help me..." Then I remember that only He is perfect and that simple little prayer still said I trust Him. I must go through the valley. But I go with Him. I won't let go. If I'm hanging on for dear life by what seems to be only a little thread, then praise God; I'm still holding on!


We may not be too fond of our human nature, but alas, we are a work in progress. The valley is part of the journey. Our God is part of everything. He sees your tears; He sees your frustrations, fears, and your unwillingness to come to Him sometimes, but He is there. We need not feel alone.


Consider the day you come face to face with Him. (It is highly doubtful we would want to do anything but bask in His glory and worship Him, but consider this anyway.) What is the life you would have wanted to leave behind? The legacy, the impact on His Kingdom? We don't know when that day will come for us. But we have this very moment. We have this day. This moment in time, as you are passing through the valley, realize that you are being molded and refined; pruned, perhaps. Not only can you still serve Him in the valley, but He is willing to use that very valley to shape you into the very person He wants for a specific purpose in His Kingdom. Yes, we were born for such a time as this!


Let us ask for His wisdom and strength. Small and shaky as our steps may be, we are moving forward. Everything in our lives should speak of our desire to honor our Creator. We have a chance still, while there is still breath in our lungs, to leave that legacy behind. We must work toward that, not for the pride of having accomplished anything, but for the joy of knowing we served God with all we had.


Look up from the depths of your valley. Break up camp and keep moving. That grace that sustains you won't run out on you, for the source is everlasting.




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