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Sisters In Christ Worldwide


Sisters in Christ Worldwide was founded by Gillian Henriques in 2013. Gillian is a wife, and mother of three beautiful children. She was born in Kingston Jamaica and lived there for most of her life until her journey took her to the USA where she lives with her family.

Gillian's desire is to help women all over the world. Women who are broken, lost, downtrodden, lonely, and just in need of every day motivation and direction. Along with her husband Gillian accomplished her desires through social media and the internet, writing books, publications, blogs, and inspirations designed to uplift and empower women.

It has always been Gillian and her family's desire to help women in a more tangible way. Women that are homeless, in shelters, and living below the poverty line. Together they have started the BLESSING BAG Project as a start to all they intend to do.

In the coming days their hope is to help provide shelter for homeless and less fortunate women and children and to open a thrift shop where they can get basic needs at a very affordable rate.

Please join Gillian and her family in this quest to help the needy by getting involved in any way you can.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women in every way possible so that they may reach their God given potential.

What does God have to say about forgiveness?  

Many Christians struggle with extremely destructive emotions caused by


We console ourselves with one particularly subtle lie of the enemy, “I have forgiven him, but I want nothing to do with him.” 

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